14 11, 2017

Tax Breaks When Building a New Home

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When you're in the process of building a new home, it may seem like the list of expenses is never ending. These can include the cost of a construction loan (and its associated interest) and a mortgage, as well as sales tax on the materials being used. But the good news is that, in addition [...]

1 08, 2017

Negotiating Price with a Custom Home Builder

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When moving forward with the building of a new custom home, most people will want to ensure that they're getting a quality product, while at the same time, not completely overspending on the property. While it may be a commonly known practice to negotiate price in some areas, such as decorating and outdoor landscape, custom home [...]

7 03, 2017

Financing Your Custom Home Could Have Some Additional Steps


Designing and building a new custom home can be exciting. While the process will typically take longer than just simply purchasing an existing property, going through the custom home building process can truly make your new home yours. In many cases, completing a custom home will require financing. This can include obtaining a construction loan [...]