2 06, 2020

The Effect of Coronavirus on Custom Home Builders

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The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt across a wide range of industries – not just in the United States, but also around the globe. Due in large part to our worldwide economy, pandemics and other crises can result in a domino-like effect when it comes to coordinating and completing projects like the creation [...]

26 09, 2017

Hurricanes and Florida’s New Building Codes

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Given the recent wrath of Hurricane Irma - along with possible follow-up visits from her friends Jose and Maria - many Floridians are concerned about the updated building codes in the state, which were put into place recently, and that could essentially have a detrimental effect on new homes to be built going forward. According [...]

6 06, 2017

Enhancing Your Custom Home with Outdoor Amenities

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Building your custom dream home in Florida can have a long list of advantages - one of which is being able to enjoy outdoor living all year long. If you're considering going the route of a custom built home in the Orlando area, there are some items that could truly enhance your enjoyment, as well [...]