How Long Can It Take to Build a Custom Home in Florida?

With working and learning from home becoming more of the norm than the exception since the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate sales and the building of new custom homes have increased substantially, particularly as people want to buy or create space for the “new normal” way of life.

If you’ve opted to go the route of constructing a new home that is customized to your specific needs, how long can you expect this process to take?

Typically, it can take anywhere from three months to a year to build a new home from start to finish in the Sunshine State. While this may seem like a wide time frame, there are a number of variables that can come into play that could speed up or slow down the time for completion.

These can include:

  • Home size / square footage
  • The readiness of the home site (such as the need for electric, water, gas, and sewer lines to be added, as well as whether or not the lot has to be graded for the pouring of the foundation)
  • Weather conditions (for instance, during Florida’s hurricane season, new home construction may be slowed down or temporarily halted if ground conditions and other factors impede the construction process)
  • Availability of the materials (such as the slowdown and substantial price increase of lumber in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic)

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