Building a custom home is often a once in a lifetime experience – and one that you’ve likely been dreaming about for many years. So, when you’re in the process of constructing your dream abode, how important is it that you factor in the home’s resale value?

How Much Should You Consider Resale Value When Building a New Custom Home?The reality is that, even if you plan to stay in your new home forever, unexpected situations can – and sometimes do – come up, which can lead to you having to pass your home on to another buyer down the road. If this is the case, you will want to be sure of a couple of factors.

First, make sure that the home is marketable (or at least, that it can easily be made marketable if or when the time comes). In this case, keeping your floor plan such that it makes sense for potential buyers’ needs.

As an example, if the home is two-story, be sure that you include at least a half-bath on the main floor that can be used by guests in the home. Likewise, there are few buyers who are looking for custom homes that contain less than 4 bedrooms.

When people are looking for a home to purchase, two of the most important rooms that they focus on are the kitchen and the master bedroom. With this in mind, be sure that you install quality construction, and that each of these areas has ample space.

If you do end up remaining in your custom home for a number of years, if or when the time does come to sell it, making sure that the colors – both interior and exterior – are neutral, so as to attract the most potential buyers, can be helpful.

Ensuring that your new custom built home provides you with everything that you need – as well as some items that you may require in the future – can be made much easier when working with an experienced builder.

There are many questions that can come up during the process of building a custom home. Give Rare Builders a call. We can help you to answer these, which in turn, can be beneficial both now and in the future.