How to Keep Your Home Protected When You’re Not ThereIf you own a home, you certainly want to ensure that it is protected from damage, theft, and vandalism. This is particularly the case if you only reside in the residence for part of the year. For instance, if you’re a “Snowbird” who has a home in Florida and another one “up north,” there could be weeks – or even months – when your Florida home is vacant.

Criminals can usually tell when a house is not currently being lived in. So, make sure that you leave lights on timers, and that you stop or forward your mail and newspaper. It can also be beneficial to install security cameras that allow you to see what’s happening – even if your thousands of miles away. In addition, make sure that you don’t post “too much” information on social media sights like Facebook, letting the world know that you’re not at home.

Not all dangers to your home are the result of break-ins, though. For instance, in Florida, hurricane season can be extremely damaging to homes and property – and the past few years have been particularly rough.

With that in mind, it is essential that you have protected your home from dangers it could incur due to wind, water, and other weather-related hazards. This should ideally include having hurricane shutters on windows, and putting all outdoor furniture safely indoors while you’re away.

Having your own personal residence in Florida can be much more appealing that having to rent space when you are in the area for long periods of time. It can also eliminate the need for you to pack clothes and other necessities every time you make a trip to the Sunshine State.

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