How to Successfully Design and Build Your Custom Retirement HomeYou’ve been dreaming about it for years – and now it is finally time to move forward with the design and construction of your custom built retirement home. But where should you begin the process in order to ensure a successful completion down the road?

There are actually a couple of key steps involved when moving forward with the building of a home, especially if you’re planning to move to – or remain in – the mild climate of the southeast, such as Central Florida.

First, if you’ll be building in a particular neighborhood or community, you will need to get familiar with any of the guidelines and / or covenants that the area has in place. Here you can find more in-depth information such as requirements for minimum and / or maximum square footage, as well as where the driveway, porch, outbuildings, and other related items should ideally be placed.

In fact, even if you’re planning to construct your new home on an “independent” site, you should still work with the building commission in the area in order to find out if there are any guidelines or rules in place, as well as what steps need to be taken in order to have your architectural plan approved.

It can be helpful if you work with a builder that is located in the immediate vicinity, as they will oftentimes be extremely familiar with what types of rules and regulations are in place. For example, in Florida, it is essential to have a good understanding of how the home should be oriented in terms of the sun’s exposure, and items that may be required for due diligence.

The building of a custom home does not need to turn into a daunting task. In fact, when you work with an experienced builder in your desired area, the process can actually be rewarding for all involved.

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