Keeping Good Health in Mind with Post-COVID New Home BuildingWith mortgage rates at unheard of historical lows, now could be the ideal time to move forward with the building of your dream house. But even if you’ve had a specific design in mind for many years, the COVID-19 era that we’re now living in has brought some key wellness-related trends to the forefront in the new custom home arena.

One of the key items is the importance of – or even the necessity for – a home office space. Even if you’ve worked on location for your employer for the bulk of your career, many of today’s companies are now seeing the safety, health, and cost benefits to using more of a remote workforce. With that in mind, segregating a space in your new home’s floor plan that offers privacy – as well as organizational capabilities – could be essential.

The COVID-19 virus has also been a catalyst for many non-work related home trends, too, such as in-ground pools. Given today’s focus on safety, more people are shying away from public swimming and water parks, opting instead to relax and have fun at home. A backyard pool can be particularly enticing in an area like Central Florida, where a pool and other outdoor space can be utilized for all 12 months of the year.

With a myriad of restaurants closing their doors – both temporarily and for good – more people are also enjoying cooking and eating at home. Given that, the demand for versatile and functional food preparation devices has risen significantly – including a demand for easy-to-clean, anti-bacterial appliances. In addition, many new custom home buyers are also requesting more wellness-related features, too. These include systems that can help to provide cleaner air and water.

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