Landscaping Tips for New Custom Home BuildersCreating the new custom home of your dreams can be exciting. In doing so, you are able to turn into reality the dream that you may have had for many years. But, as you design the home’s floor plan and other amenities, it’s important to also include the exterior features that will surround your new residence.

In working on this part of your custom home venture, it is important to keep in mind that the ultimate relationship between your home and its surroundings should easily mesh together in terms of style and function, as well as for longevity. You should also allow for landscaping that can be used as a “starting point,” and that can be added to and enhanced over time.

In planning your new home’s exterior features, there are several questions to keep in mind, such as:

  • Are there already any existing trees on the lot?
  • What type of greenery will look best, given the style and size of the home to be built?
  • Are there any exterior amenities that could have an effect on the landscape, such as a lake or creek?
  • How much time and / or money do you wish to spend maintaining the landscape once the home is complete and you’ve moved in?

Ideally, the design and scale of your new custom home and its exterior landscaping will all mesh well together – and it will continue to coordinate throughout the years. This can make it easier to plan ahead for any additions you’d like to include in the future.

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