Making Your New Custom Central Florida Home Hurricane ProofIf you’re thinking about building a custom home in Florida, then it is likely that you have considered how you can keep it safe in the event of a hurricane or other type of violent weather.

Here in the Sunshine State, hurricane season runs from June 1st to November 1st every year, with the storms oftentimes peaking during the months of August and September. Even though the Orlando area is not directly on the Gulf or Atlantic coast, it can still be prone to a significant amount of hurricane damage like that which was seen in Charley (2004), Ivan (2004), and Irma (2017).

Just like with most other type of potential disaster, you – and your property – have a much better chance of weathering the storm if you make various preparations ahead of time. This can include equipping your home with items like:

  • Reinforced windows with impact glass. These can prevent wind and water from entering your home – even in the event of high gale force winds.
  • Hurricane shutters. Placing hurricane shutters on glass and other openings can help to protect doors and windows from high winds and flying debris. Today, these can be installed directly on the home using a track to easily open and close the shutters when necessary.
  • Hurricane ties. Hurricane ties can be nailed into walls and wrapped over the trusses in order to provide higher wind force resistance.

At Rare Builders, we’ve been constructing unique, custom built homes in Orlando and the surrounding Central Florida area for over a decade. We have a long-standing reputation for outstanding quality and innovative design and can take your idea or concept and turn your dream home into a reality. If you’d like more information on how to build a solid yet beautiful home, contact us today and talk with one of our designers.