Should You Consider Adding a Guest House When Building a New Custom Home in Florida?If you have lived in the Sunshine State for any length of time, then you are likely already aware of just how enticing it is for people from the “north” to come for a visit – in some cases, for an extended period of time. Yet, while seeing family and friends can be wonderful, it can also be necessary for everyone to maintain a sense of their own space. So, if you’ve been thinking about building a new custom home, should you consider including a separate guest house in the plan?

The short answer here, in many cases, would be yes…but only after considering a few key factors.

For instance, while guest houses are oftentimes fairly small (on average between 500 and 1,000 square feet), it will be necessary that the lot you have chosen for your new home be large enough to accommodate the added structure.

In addition, you must also factor in the additional expense. Here, for example, in addition to just having four walls, a guest house will also typically need to include heat and air conditioning, along with a fully functioning kitchen and bathroom. With that in mind, running the electric, water, and natural gas lines will have to be considered from a cost standpoint, as well as based on the additional time that it will take to complete this added space.

Even though a guest house can add to your bottom line expense when constructing a new custom home, the benefits of having this type of a structure will oftentimes far outweigh the cost.

For instance, in addition to allowing for more pleasant longer term visits with relatives and friends, you may be able to earn income from the unit by renting it out to short- or even long-term tenants.

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