The Benefits of Building a Custom Vacation Home in OrlandoWith its long list of theme parks, golf courses, and entertainment venues – and coupled with its year-round warm climate – Orlando can be an ideal place to own a vacation home. So, if purchasing a vacation home in Central Florida is on your to-do list, it could make a lot of sense to build a custom residence rather than purchasing an already existing property.

One of the primary reasons for this is because, just like when building a custom home as your primary residence, a custom vacation home can include the room and size requirements, as well as the other amenities you desire up front. As an example, if you need extra room to store kayaks and paddle boards, you can add space for them in the garage.

In addition, just like other types of real estate, your vacation home can also be a good investment – especially as you begin to build equity in the property over time. Plus, if you won’t be residing in the home year-round, you could consider listing in on Airbnb in order to bring in some additional income.

Once your custom vacation home is completed, you may also be able to save a tremendous amount of time going there, as opposed to taking a vacation and staying in a rented home or condo. For instance, with your own vacation home, you can leave clothes in the closets, and food in the pantry, so you can avoid having to pack a suitcase and visit the grocery store each and every time you take a trip.

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