The Best Time of Year to Build a New Custom Home in FloridaIf building a new custom home has been on your radar for a while, then you may have at least some idea of your size and space needs (along with certain amenities), as well as a location for your future abode.

Depending on where exactly you plan to build – along with the type of construction for your needs – it could take several months, or even a year, for your new home to be fully completed. With that in mind, is there a specific time of year that may be better for starting your new home project?

Provided that you are considering a location in the Central Florida / Orlando area, the good news is that given the temperate year-round climate, you will typically have fewer restrictions than you would if you were building your abode in a more northern area of the country.

One reason for this is because during the winter months, you could run into issues with digging the foundation and / or laying the necessary water and sewer pipes up north. Yet, even given the added weather-related flexibility you’ll have in the southern part of the country, there are still some items that you should ideally keep in mind.

For instance, the materials that are used may have to be shipped from other areas. Because of that, be sure that you give yourself ample time for materials to arrive on the construction site. Likewise, depending on the builder and the contractors that are used for your new home project, there may also be delays based on the overall work load of these entities.

In order to get a better idea of both timing and cost of a new custom home project, it is oftentimes best to meet with an experienced builder in the area you intend to build. So, if your goal is to reside in the home of your dreams in Central Florida, give us a call today.