Storage Solutions When You’re “Between” Homes

Building a new home is exciting. It offers you the opportunity to truly customize your living space. But creating your ideal dream home can also take time – particularly in light of the vast demand (and corresponding slow down) for materials and building contractors over the past year.

Being in the midst of a seller’s market, now could be the ideal time to sell your current home and receive top dollar for it. If you go this route, though, what can you do with furniture and other personal items before your new residence is ready?

The good news is that there are some options available that can make your transaction much easier – especially if you’re residing in temporary quarters and you don’t want to move everything twice.

One solution is to use a portable storage container. Unlike having to pack up your vehicle and haul items (both large and small) to a storage facility (and then having to move them again to your new home), portable storage containers can be delivered directly to your driveway, and then taken back to a secure location until you are ready to unpack.

In addition to safely storing your current belongings, you can move at your own pace, rather than being rushed out of your home on moving day. Showing your current home to potential purchasers may be easier and more convenient, too, after your personal things are out.

It is also possible for you to use a storage container for any new items you purchase while your custom home is still under construction. Plus, it is easy to extend the length of your storage “rental” contract if your new home’s construction team runs into any delays.

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