3 Key Features to Include in Your New Custom HomeBuilding a new custom home means that you can truly design your residence to meet your particular wants and needs – something that isn’t always possible if you choose to purchase a pre-built home. But, while you may have a list of key features and amenities in mind, here are some additional items that you may not have considered – but should.

1) Dual Kitchen Workspaces

For many families, the kitchen is oftentimes the primary place to gather – regardless of whether or not it is meal time. This is also typically the space where everyone hangs out when you’re entertaining.

With that in mind, having dual kitchen workspaces can provide you with the benefit of keeping people out of the home owner’s food prep area, while at the same time allowing for food to be warmed up, dishes to be washed, and drinks to be mixed.

2) Under the Cabinet Outlets

While most kitchen and bathroom appliances and apparatus’s require an electrical outlet to receive power, those outlets don’t necessarily have to be visible near countertops or vanities. Rather, by installing under-cabinet outlets, you can keep the backsplash beautiful and still enjoy all of your modern conveniences.

3) A Jetted Laundry Sink

If you are a frequent wearer of delicate clothes and / or items that need to be washed by hand, having a jetted laundry sink can be an ideal solution for washing these items while also saving a lot of time.

4) Bonus Item – A Dog Bathing Area

If you have any canine family members, then you are likely well aware that our four-legged friends will oftentimes take a stroll through the mud. While simply hosing off Fido can certainly help to clean him up, though, this can also be a fairly messy job. But a dog bathing area that’s built right into the garage area can provide a much easier and efficient way to get your pup cleaned up.

Interested in learning more about these and more key features that may be added to a new custom home to fit your lifestyle? Give us a call today.