15 06, 2021

Building a Home in Florida?

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Making It Hurricane-Proof Could Pay Off in the Future As another hurricane season officially kicks off in Florida, homeowners need to prepare. While many have added protective shutters and other safety-related features to existing homes, some builders are now looking into ways to prevent or reduce storm and hurricane-related damage – and the cost could [...]

4 01, 2021

Understanding Property Taxes in Florida

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As a homeowner in Florida, it is important to understand property taxes, as well as how much you owe each year. While the Sunshine State doesn’t tax income at the state level, there are other tax obligations that Floridians have – including those that are levied on real estate. For example, if you are the [...]

2 06, 2020

The Effect of Coronavirus on Custom Home Builders

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The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt across a wide range of industries – not just in the United States, but also around the globe. Due in large part to our worldwide economy, pandemics and other crises can result in a domino-like effect when it comes to coordinating and completing projects like the creation [...]