With a Resurgence of the COVID-19 Delta Variant

Is Now the Right Time to Build a New Custom Home in Florida?

With the COVID-19 Delta variant on the rise in the United States – and a mask mandate once again firmly in place – it might not be long before people are working and learning from the safety of home again.

In mid-2020, after the Coronavirus initially hit the U.S., the nation’s real estate market unexpectedly surged, due in large part to low mortgage rates and buyers seeking more “customized” housing arrangements to fit these new needs.

Many sellers who were at first scared to hold open houses in fear of catching the Coronavirus started to put their properties back on the market and in numerous instances received multiple offers that were far more than their asking price.

With that in mind – and with uncertainty once again gripping the nation (and the world) – could now be the right time to sell your current house or condo and move forward with building your custom dream home?

While nobody knows for sure how long the pandemic or the real estate boom will last, a custom-designed home can give you a way to work and relax – all in one place – during any type of health or economic environment.

If you’re thinking about building a custom home in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida locale, give Rare Builders a call and talk with one of our experienced designers who can turn your ideas into reality.

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