Building a new home can be an experience that is filled with numerous decisions. But, while floor plan and room layout are essential to the process, the lot on which you choose to build will play a Considerations for Choosing the Lot Your New Home Will Be Built Ontremendous role in how much you enjoy your home – as well as how much you may be able to sell it for when that time comes in the future.

For example, a corner lot will typically have more traffic going past the house. However, in many cases, corner lots will also be larger in size. If you choose a lot that is near the subdivision’s entrance, you may also find that there will be more passing cars. But, your home may be more convenient for guests to find – and, it may also be directly on the school bus route if you have children who will be using this during the school year.

Those lots that are located either at a “T” intersection or that face an incoming street may have to deal with the headlights of oncoming cars. So, if choosing this type of lot, you can compensate by putting up room-darkening shades or curtains in order to minimize the glare at night.

If you have the option to choose a lot that is in a cul-de-sac, this could present some great opportunities for kids to play and ride bikes. This is because these areas of the neighborhood will typically have less traffic. You may also find if considering a lot in a cul-de-sac that the front yards are oftentimes smaller, yet the back yards could be large, which can provide you with additional space to enjoy.

In addition to the actual physical location of the lot, you will also want to consider how the home will be situated in terms of exposure. For instance, any part of your home that is oriented to the east will benefit from getting the morning sunshine. Alternatively, a home with western exposure will get more afternoon sun. This can be key if you are considering adding a backyard swimming pool.

While there can be advantages and / or drawbacks to nearly every lot, knowing what they are prior to moving forward on the building of your new home can help you in your overall planning process.

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