The Cost of Building a New Custom Home In Central FloridaBuilding a brand new custom home can be a great way to put your personal touches on your residence. It can also provide you with a unique opportunity to have a floor plan that ideally meets your specific needs. But constructing a new home can be costly – just how much can depend on a number of variables. According to Home Advisor, the average cost of building a new home across the entire U.S. (in 2018) is just under $290,000, with a typical range falling between $148,875 on the low end, and $431,891 on the high end of the spectrum.

Based on these figures, this equates to roughly $150 per square foot for a home in the 2,000 square foot range. However, there can be a long list of other variables involved, such as location and amenities. This, in turn, can widen the range of per square foot cost from a low of $100 to in excess of $400.

In addition, when you’re considering a one-of-a-kind custom home, you will typically require the services of a residential architect – with a price that can range from five to fifteen percent of your overall construction costs.

Working with an experienced builder that is domiciled in the area where you intend to build, though, can be extremely beneficial, as the builder will be familiar with cost, as well as with local building rules and regulations.

If you have visions of building a new custom home in Orlando or the surrounding Central Florida area, contact us. At Rare Builders, we specialize in custom Florida home building – so we can answer any of the additional questions you may have regarding cost, time frame, and location.