How to Make Sure You Choose the Right Builder for Your New Custom HomeIf you’re ready to make your dream of building a new custom home come true, one of the first steps you need to take is choosing a builder, the right builder. But, while there may be a long list of companies and contractors who can construct a house, there is a big difference between a spec or track home builder and a builder of truly customized homes.

So, how can you tell the difference?

The key is in knowing what type of homes the builders specialize in. For example, spec homes are constructed by builders who typically purchase a piece of land and construct a home before it is actually sold.

If the home happens to sell before the builder is completely finished, the new owner may be able to choose specific finishes and colors. However, the builder will usually already be working with a set home size and floor plan. In this case, the builder is “speculating” that the property will eventually sell.

On the other hand, with a tract, or “production” home builder, the contractor will generally have one or more “model” homes that they build on numerous pieces of land in one area. In this case, the builder will be more concerned about volume versus customization.

With the right builder, a true custom home builder, though, the new homeowner and an architect will sit down and discuss in-depth specifics about what the purchaser is looking for in terms of size, layout, and even various amenities, such as an outdoor pool, deck, patio, and a long list of other features. A custom home builder provides you with the opportunity to be much more creative with the end result, which in turn can make the home truly yours.

If you’re planning to build a new custom home in Orlando or the Central Florida area, give us a call. We work with clients on taking the creation that they have in mind and turning it into a reality.