Will It Cost More to Build a Custom Home in 2019?Although you may have been thinking about building a new custom home for quite some time now, one of the biggest obstacles that’s been holding you back is likely to be the cost – and with the dawning of a new year, the price of items and services in nearly any industry have the potential to rise.

So, just how much will it cost you to build your dream home in Central Florida this year?
There are actually a number of different factors that will come into play. Some of the primary cost considerations, though, can include the following:

  • Land development (including landscaping costs)
  • Foundation costs
  • Framing expense
  • Exterior finishes (such as siding and roofing)
  • Driveway and / or walkway

Added to the price of the labor and the materials will be the time that it takes to complete the project. For instance, in some cases, a typical new home can be constructed within four to ten weeks. But there are a myriad of challenges that could arise, in turn, lengthening both the timeframe and the cost.

As an example, in Florida, it is not uncommon to run into wetlands on a property that could prohibit the installation of a standard drain field. There could also be delays that are related to permitting and inspections.

Unlike the purchase of a pre-existing home, a brand new property can come with added fees such as city water hookup, and sewer hookups (which could include costly septic system installation).

In any case, though, moving towards the creation of a home that is ideal for you can be well worth the price and the time involved. One way to better ensure that you’re moving in the right direction is to work with an experienced local builder who will provide you with accurate cost estimates up front.

If you’re planning to build a new custom home in the Orlando or Central Florida area this year, give Rare Builders a call for additional details on price, timeframe, and other important aspects of the process.